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Mitigates Risk & Saves Administrative Costs


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  • Testimonial
    Allison Herd
    Senior Director of Human Resources @

    EmpInfo is like a virtual headcount for us, since it relieves pressure for HR and Payroll staff. I have implemented EmpInfo at LayeredTech and at my previous company, Fortinet. I will take them where ever I go in future. Our employees like it from the security & privacy standpoint and also it fulfills their needs instantly, 24x7.

  • Testimonial
    Victor Santillan
    Vice President of Human Resources @ Shakey's USA, Inc.

    The important factors that we considered in shortlisting EmpInfo was the data security, easy to implement and our ability to customize to suit our employees' demographics. No other vendors matched the level of data security that EmpInfo offers. My team spent less than eight hours in total to roll out this project. We are very pleased with the people and their solution!

  • Testimonial
    Kristina Holloway
    Chief Human Resources Officer @ Healdsburg District Hospital

    The team at Empinfo was great in getting us set up from the beginning and the customer service support has been terrific. The transition to using Empinfo as our vendor for employment verifications was seamless and the change has allowed our HR team to focus on other priorities.

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EmpInfo was chosen as the Lightning Round winner at the TieCON 2014 Cloud Infrastructure track.

Welcome to online verifications

Automated, secure & instant on cloud & mobile platform

Mitigates risk & saves operational cost

Mitigates financial / compliance risks & minimizes corporate liability. Eliminates unproductive administrative burden saving time & operational costs.
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Eliminates backlog & Standardizes Process

Eliminates backlog & eases pressure for HR / Payroll personnel to focus on core business tasks that affects the bottom-line. Simplifies process & standardizes policies across locations / departments.
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Ensures Security & Privacy

EmpInfo pioneered a new level of security to protect your employees’ privacy and their data through role-based access controls, high-grade SSL encryption on transit and 256-bit AES encryption at rest and AWS infrastructure that is SSAE 16 Type II certified.
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On-boards faster
than you think!

We have built interfaces for most of the HCM/Payroll systems to support file-based data transfers and modern API.  This enables clients to be up and running very quickly. The total effort required from the client is minimal.

Verify-On-Demand (VOD)

One-stop, 24x7, Quick & Easy.


Anytime, Anywhere and from Any Device

Regardless of whether you use a smart-phone, tablet or computer, you could process verifications in less than couple of minutes. The intuitive interface delivers a superior user experience, even if you are a first time user.

Instant & accurate rich reports

Ability to instantly verify expedites processing time required to process applications (ex: for job, loan, etc.). Rich reports are easy to understand. Accurate information reduces potential new-hire risks or creditor’s financial liability.

Simple & flexible pricing plans

We offer a simple, affordable pricing for employment and/or income verifications. We provide flexibility to purchase verification credits on a scale to fit to your needs. The more verifications credits you buy, the lower the average cost. We offer deeper discounts and other billing options for enterprise customer.

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Product that collaborates people & process.

Easy to Use
EmpInfo is easy to use and the self-service instructions guide you through every step of the process. You don’t need to be an expert, even if you are a first time user.
Benefits Employees
Your employees are counting on you to prove their employment and earnings, when they apply for a loan/mortgage, credit card, auto loan, job, financial aid or public assistance. The benefit you provide to your employees through EmpInfo is priceless in their life changing events. Learn More
Seamless Integrations
We currently have interfaces built for most of the HCM/Payroll systems to support faster integrations. We support from legacy (file-based) to modern (web services) interfaces to integrate with any HCM or Payroll systems making it easy to upload employment records.

Quick Implementations
The total effort required by the client for the entire implementation is typically less than a couple of days. Roll out is as simple as notifying your internal staff, current employees, and diverting all in-bound inquiries to EmpInfo. We will provide step-by-step instructions and collateral required to facilitate a smooth transition. Schedule a demo to learn more..
Highly Secure
Data is fully encrypted at rest and in motion using 256-bit SSL encryption. We do one-way hash certain sensitive data to completely disable the ability to read by anyone. We employ state of the art firewall and back-up technology, and our data resides in high-security access-controlled AWS data centers. The application security ensures role-based access. Learn More
Authorized Access Only
The organizations seeking access to process verifications must Register with EmpInfo and go through stringent due-diligence before we grant online access, to ensure that the businesses and the people are genuine and they have legitimate reasons to verify(“Permissible Purpose as per FCRA).

Employees Access
Employees self-onboard to gain secure access, view their employment records and provide online consent (digital authorizations) to the verifiers to access to their income records. Employees are also alerted through real-time email/text notifications whenever someone accesses their records. If required, employees could put a lock on their records restricting no-access. Learn More
Verification Reports
Verifiers can instantly print, download or email verification reports. The rich report provides both text and visual graphs making it easy to understand. Re-verify within 90 days to get verification reports at no cost. Review verification transactions or payment history to reconcile or for auditing purpose.
FCRA Compliance
The Fair Credit Reporting Act or FCRA regulates how credit reporting agencies and others handle consumer information. Under FCRA, EmpInfo is classified as a Nationwide Specialty Consumer Reporting Agency (NSCRA) and is subject to its requirements. We’re committed to safeguarding consumers privacy and we fully comply with FCRA requirements. Learn More

Transparency & Audit Trail
A full audit trail enables employers to monitor all verification activities online at EmpInfo and download logs.
Confidentiality & Integrity
EmpInfo is committed to the highest ethical and moral standards to deliver our services with integrity.
Live Support
We enjoy helping our customers (verifiers), clients (employers) and their employees! We’re available by phone or chat during business hours.

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