Automating Employment & Income Verification

for any borrower in the USA

Enhance borrower’s user expereince

Deliver World Class Borrower Experience

Every additional step added to the application process adds significant friction to your users. With EmpInfo, you don’t have to ask all those documents. We got it covered. The less questions you ask, the less the loan application abandonment.

Speed up your approval process

Speed up your approval process

The faster you can verify the employment and income, the faster your approval process. EmpInfo powers the ‘right now’ expectations of your users. Happy customers will be vocal and will be your advocates.

Mitigate risk & Reduce cost

Mitigate risk & Reduce cost

We know that the success of your loan business directly depends on your ability to confidently assess your borrower’s ‘ability to pay’. We deliver insights like never before so that you can be at peace while approving the loans. No more bad approvals.

SOC2, FCRA Compliant & Trusted by FinTech Leaders, Banks & Mortgage Lenders

Trusted by Prosper
AICPA SOC Compliant
Trusted by Upgrade

What makes EmpInfo the best in the class?

Hybrid Verification Platform

Fastest growing platform & nexus for lender to verify borrowers’ ability to pay
How it works
Any time from anywhere & from any device

Any time from anywhere & from any device

Regardless of web or mobile, it takes just a few minutes to place orders for verifications and also get status & verification reports online.

Verify-on-demand one or multiple, 24x7

Verify-on-demand one or multiple, 24×7

Verify accurately, instantly and on-demand increases lender’s efficiency and loan conversion ratios (L2L).

Verify any borrower across USA

Verify any borrower across USA

Verify any borrower from any employer across USA from trusted data sources, leveraging our proprietary Human-inthe-loop (HITL) system.

Seamless Integration through API

Seamless Integration through API

With our easy to use API, you could wire us directly into your system. The verifications and result will flow freely. We will also give you reports and status from time to time.

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