Welcome PCW Partners!

UKG PCW Partners can now enable empinfo’s automated employment & income verification services right from Marketplace.

Automated Employment & Income Verification

empinfo offers solutions to automate the verification of employment & income (VOE/VOI). It alleviates the administrative burden for HR/Payroll personnel and mitigates privacy risks of dealing with unknown third-party verifiers. PCW Partner clients could seamlessly enroll for this service through the Marketplace. This service is offered to PCW Partner clients and their employees at NO COST.

Mitigate Risk & Save Operational Cost

empinfo mitigates financial / compliance risks, minimizes corporate liability, and eliminates unproductive administrative burden, saving time and operational costs.

Eliminate Backlog & Standardize Processes

empinfo eliminates backlog and eases pressure for HR / Payroll personnel to focus on core business tasks that affect the bottom-line. We also simplify process and standardize policies across locations / departments.

Ensure Security & Privacy

empinfo pioneered a new level of security to protect your employees’ privacy and their data through role-based access controls, high-grade SSL encryption on transit, and 256-bit AES encryption at rest and AWS infrastructure that is SOC2 Type2 certified.

Seamlessly integrates with UKG Ready

empinfo has built interfaces with UKG Ready for PCW Partners. This enables PCW Partner clients to be up and running quickly.

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